As a franchisor why would I use IFS?

Franchisors use IFS because of their 35 years collective experience in international franchising, their understanding of the international marketplace and the ability to secure their services for less than what you would pay an in house sales person.

Is International Franchising different than domestic?

YES! The laws, rules and requirement requires an experienced sales team with an understanding of how to price and position their brand?

How involved does IFS get in the franchise process?

IFS is full entrenched in the franchise process from the initial phone call to the signing of agreements. Franchise prospects are treated with the care, respect and follow up necessary to establish a steady line of communication and professionalism. Prospects are in excellent hands.

Can IFS really helps us grow internationally?

Don’t ask us, ask the franchisors and prospects we have been assisting for many years. They are our strongest validators. We are happy to provide their contact details.

Am I just one of countless franchisors IFS works with?

No. IFS does not believe in working with countless brands. We work with a small group of selected brands. IFS becomes your exclusive international sales team that is available day and night to prospects and Franchisors. We work with you to sell, strategize and grow one international franchisee at a time.

As a franchise prospect is there a charge for helping me find the ideal franchise for my country?

Franchise prospects receive our services for free. Our fees are paid by franchisors who respect our matchmaking process and the quality of candidates we work with.

How do I begin the process to allow IFS to help me find the right franchise?

Once you contact us via e-mail or phone we will gladly forward you our qualification form and begin building a relationship.

What do North American franchisors look for in International candidates?

North American franchisors are looking for entrepreneurs that will represent and build their brand with professionalism and integrity.

Do I need to have a specific net worth to buy a franchise?

Every Franchisor is different. However, you do need to have access to the necessary capital to purchase the franchise and build awareness and credibility in your country.

Can we finance a Master Franchise or does it need to be paid upon the signing of the contract?

Most franchisors almost without exception ask that you pay the Master Franchise fee in one lump sum upon the signing of the contract. franchisors absorb the costs of registering trademarks, creation of agreements, franchise training and much, much more. Franchise candidates need to have access to the necessary capital to purchase the franchise rights to their country.

Does IFS have contacts with numerous franchisors?

IFS have built relationships with countless franchisors. IFS have helped franchisors that were both mature and in their infancy increase their number of Master Franchisees across the globe. In fact, IFS has helped launch several North American brands overseas.